Books & Papers

Below you will find very valuable books and papers that will support you in your life of faith and prayer:


Church Prayers (German)
Praying for our church is essential if we want to do God’s will. This is a helpful guide through the week.

Das Tor zum Leben

Gate to Life (German)
Dynamic Bible course for new believers written by Frank Arthur, a Swedish theologian and missionary. The course consists of 5 lessons that help seekers or new believers understand basic biblical truth.

To read the English edition, click on the following link:
Gate to Life (English)

Pullout Words of Spirit & Life

 Words of Spirit and Life
(from “Gateway to Life”)
A collection of valuable Bible verses for when you are on the road.


Confessions (German)
Not just anything, but the word of God should be on our lips. It is not enough to believe only in the heart. Learn to express your faith through words! When the faith of your heart and the confession of your mouth come together, salvation comes to you (see Rom. 10:8-10) and the Word of God comes alive in your life.

Das Vaterunser

The Lord’s Prayer (German)
When the disciples asked Jesus to “teach us to pray,” they did not mean talking to God, because they had already grown up with that kind of praying. But intimacy with the Father was something completely new for them. Talking to God is something anyone can do, but the disciples had come to understand that prayer is the key to the miracles they saw Jesus do. It is grounded in a Father-child relationship. Through this relationship all things are possible because it is based on 1. who my Father is, 2. what He feels for me, and 3. what He can do.


German Poem
Junkyard cross
(Heidrun Liebsch)