Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:18-20

Africa – Kenya – Kisii

For many years our church has been supporting the Christian work in Kisii / Kenya.

Over the years, the ministry has resulted in around 40 churches in this region. The radio station broadcasts programs with biblical themes about marriage and family to over 2.5 million listeners. It is the most widely listened to program in Kisii.

Many sick children need special help. They are integrated into trained foster families who can meet the needs of their charges.

We have developed microfinance business models for widows that enable many of them to make a new start on their own, e.g. by buying a sewing machine to set up a small tailoring business or buying a few chickens with which they can establish their own breeding.


In this project, the widows receive micro-credits at a low interest rate. 3 trustworthy persons check whether the respective business ideas are promising and compatible with the family situation.

With the profit generated from their businesses, the widows can provide for their families and repay the credit. To date, almost all widows have repaid.

This project helps a great many widows who would have been completely impoverished without this support. We want to help people to help themselves.

We also provide financial support to local churches to help them build up.

However, the main part of the work is to train ordained pastors who are recognized by the government.

Impressions and testimonies from Africa

Baptism, summer 2022

Construction of a new church building


Uncomplicated help is given to orphans and the old by the women’s group “Dorcas”, which was also financially supported by our church.
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